As human being, we often wondered that ‘wouldn’t it be awesome if we live in a society where husband wife live their married life peacefully and there is no quarrel among them. What if there is no dowry demand from groom’s family and consequently no dowry giving by the daughter’s family, then we all live in equitable society.

 Recent event suggest, if we all take individual responsibility of not demanding dowry and not giving dowry, then it is possible that we will truly live in a society where parents will happily give their daughter’s hand to groom without thinking about their empty pockets or financial burden and consequently, there will be gender equality, where a girl child birth will be celebrated.

 Recently, In a step towards stricter implementation of the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961, the government has issued a circular directing all male government employees to furnish a declaration to their heads of departments within one month of their marriage that they have not taken any dowry.  In the circular, the State Women and Child Development Director, who is also the Chief Dowry Prohibition Officer as per the Kerala Dowry Prohibition (Amendment) Rules, 2021, has asked the heads of departments to obtain and maintain declarations from government employees that they have not asked for, taken, or exhorted the receipt of dowry.

The declaration should be signed by the wife, father, and father-in-law of male government employees, says the circular. Besides this, the government has also decided to observe November 26 of every year as ‘Dowry Prohibition Day’ in the State. All students in high schools and colleges and other educational institutions in the State should take a pledge not to give or take dowry in a general assembly at the institution on Dowry Prohibition Day. ( )

This is a positive approach by the Kerala government which must be appreciated by everyone in the country and there must not be any political debate on this. Here’s wishing state governments and central government will follow in the footsteps of the Kerala government and will implement similar measures not just among government employee but also among every private individual.

Global Health Crisis and International Law- How nations are violating International rules and regulations?

Year 2020 also known as the ‘Pandemic Year’ of the 21st Century has taught us that global health issues are relevant for each and every human on this earth regardless of nationality. The Covid-19 situation has not only affected so called third world countries or developing countries but also most developed countries like USA, China (Wuhan is said to be the originator of Coronavirus).

As the world is still battling this pandemic situation which has not only affected human health and put billions of life at risk but it has equally affected economic and social aspect of nation and human life. It would not be wrong to say that the world is facing ‘Global health crisis’.

However there are some nations who are following international legal obligations when it comes to address this issue globally and to follow international protocol whereas there are some nations who are inspite of being signatories of  WHO] Global health law consortium and International Health Regulations are ignoring all the protocols and are acting independently in a tyranny manner. Even almost a after first COVID-19 case was reported back in December 2019 in Wuhan, yet under pressure from many countries who are members of WHO and country like USA who threatened to withdraw from primary membership of WHO, WHO has failed significantly in declaring  and admitting China accountable for initiation of the pandemic situation. Many international figures and eminent international health experts had expressed that China is not announcing true figures in terms of human loss caused due to COVID-19. China is acting sovereign and not in consortium with other UN, WHO signatories.  As per a research by  a association of 13 global health researchers hosted by the Global Strategy Lab (GSL) of York University , many countries are not fulfilling their international legal obligation during such health crisis.[1]

So what is it that most of the countries are doing wrong and how they are violating International Law?

The answer is ‘Most countries are not following rules and regulations as enshrined in Article 43 and 44 of International Health Regulations of which International Health Organisation is custodian. The signatories of International Health Organisation are permitted to exercise their sovereignity in case of global health emergency by taking additional health measures in accordance with their national law and obligations under International law  provided that such measures should not interfere International traffic and countries implementing additional health measures are under obligation to provide WHO scientific rationale including scientific evidence and state their reason for implementing them.[2] Some of the additional health measures are mentioned in Article 23(2).

Many countries are also not following international obligation as enumerated under Article 44 of the International Health Regulations which  states that ‘ States parties shall undertake to collaborate with each other in detecting and assessment of events, facilitation of technical cooperation and logistical support among other measures and WHO shall also collaborate with member States evaluating and assessment of public health capacities and mobilizing financial resources to support developing countries. [3]

In spite of International rules and regulations that are in existence for signatories members of WHO to follow, yet reality is that , International Organisation like UN,  WHO are unable to mandatory enforce their rules on members. Considering the present situation of pandemic which is a global health crisis, the member nations are not reporting exact figures of citizens of their countries who have contracted COVID-19 and how much of the fund given by the WHO is being spend to cure this disease like on developing vaccine in collaboration with private entities. The WHO is a frontrunner and a leading player in the COVAX program meaning that it is funding and developing vaccines with participating countries and once it is developed, only the participating countries will receive doses allocated by their population size. Now comes the problem, if only the participating nations will receive doses according to their population, then what about those nations who although are signatories of WHO but are not participant of COVAX program? Are they not equally entitiled to get vaccines for their own citizens. Take for example, Anti-COVID vaccines developed by Oxford Researchers in collaboration with AstraZeneca of Cambridge, UK which is approved by the UK Government on 3rd December,2020 for emergency use on vast scale for its citizens. Then what about those people living in Africa?  Are they not equally entitled for equal access of vaccine?

The present COVID-19 situation demands equal and efficient cooperation among all the nations irrespective of political ideologies because at the very core, it’s the human race who is suffering and lockdowns implemented around the world have already made it worse. Instead of fulfilling their legal obligations and cooperation towards each other, many countries are not involving in talks with each other to grant easy access to solutions to tackle COVID 19 situation. Russia had developed its own vaccine Sputnik vaccine, UK has developed vaccine which is deveopled in collaboration of Oxford and AstraZeneca Pfizer vaccine whereas USA researchers have come up with a vaccine version developed by Moderna  and another developed by Pfizer pharmaceutical company. India too is almost on the verge of sucessfully its own version of Covid19vaccines developing by Serum Institute, Bharat Biotech among others although India has yet to approve either of them for emergency use.

Although, few countries are have developed or are still developing anti-covid vaccines at rapid rate, the serious problem is that developed and rich nations are stockpiling vaccines at alarming rate. For example, India has made advance purchase of 1.6 billion doses of covid vaccine making it the biggest purchaser of covid vaccines followed by EU with 1.36 billion doses of advance purchase of covid vaccines and USA. Countries like Canada, UK, USA have purchased enough vaccines to cover their population and even more.

So, where does poor nations stand in terms of fair distribution of covid19 vaccines. Aren’t the few rich nations violating their legal obligations by not involving in equal access and distribution of covid 19 vaccine at a time when all countries must come together and act like one. it is the moral and legal duty of every member of World Health Organisation and signatories of International Health Regulations to involve in open dialogues by following International protocols to ensure that equal access prevails for human race on medical resources to tackle this global health crisis as it is the need of the hour.


[2] <;


HEY!! YOU…..

When i saw this quote on my social media site, i immediately felt the need to blog about it, so whoever is reading this post and is going through rough patch in life in terms of relationships, financially, health- wise… “KEEP YOUR HOPE UP”

We are all fighters in some way…

So what life is not according to our dreams and desire,

So what we have lost something,

So what we are at our bottom rock in life right now,

Never forget… We are fighters

We dont give up easily…

2020 is proving to be hardship year, but we will not give up,

As long as there is hope in our heart…

We’ll survive this phase of life…

And be a winner

Feeling Uninspired

It’s been 3 days since I last update my blog. I’ve been feeling too lazy to complete whatever I’ve written on my laptop. More lazy, I am feeling uninspired to write anything. I’ve been reading lots of ‘law of attraction’ stories on ‘the secret official website’ but I am finding it hard to practise visualization and positive thinking. I want some spiritual guidance to guide me how to ask, believe and recieve and how to practise law of attraction with good patience.



In the past thirty year or so. Artificial Intelligence has again gained momentum after its origin in 1955 and is proving to be a bliss in many fields like Healthcare, Automotive, Finance and Economics, Cyber security, Government, Video games, Military, Hospitality, Art, Advertising etc. Earlier, its use was mainly confined to Automotive and industrial sector and cyber security but now it is dominating every aspect of human life and judiciary is new area where applicability of artificial intelligence has started. However, not all jurists and legal experts agree about the positive impact it has on judicial system.

Earlier this year, Honorable Chief Justice of India SA Bobde stressed on the need for artificial intelligence in judiciary particularly in cases of repetitive nature, document management and decision making like rates of taxation etc. But these aren’t the only area of courts that artificial intelligence can be used. It can be apply on contract management. As per study conducted by researchers of University of Southern California, Duke Law and Stanford Law School, Artificial Intelligence type system “LawGeex” outperformed twenty imminent lawyers in finding flaws in various non-disclosure agreements which means it is capable of removing various human made legal resources[1].

In the ongoing pandemic situation which started spreading in January and by March forced almost all the entire world to a standstill and forced human race to go into lockdown including institutions like Judiciary where regular courts functioning remained suspended and in India, only very urgent matter are being allowed to be taken up by lawyers in court via video conferencing calls. The whole coronavirus has changed the entire litigation process right from filing suit to judgement being delivered by judges and AI is playing significant role in various judicial systems across the globe. For example, in Estonia, The Ministry of Justice asked Velsberg to design ‘robot judge’ to decide small claims disputes. Similarly, in USA,UK and India, stress has been given on limiting lawyers presence in courts and court hearings being done with done with the help of technology.[2] But there is flip side of relying on Artificial Intelligence. Firstly, too much reliance on AI may cost job cuts for lawyers especially in context of drafting contracts or agreements. Secondly, as AI is a program insert by human intelligence and is nothing more than machine language, it is not good to rely on AI to decide cases even those small claims dispute because not all judgements announce by judges based on legal principles and precedents, sometimes a judge delivers a judgement based on equity and social justice and AI is not equipped for that.  Thirdly, for all the existing use of AI in judicial system, it is not possible to hold AI accountable before court of law if there is an error of judgement. Clearly, there is a need for rules and regulations to hold AI accountable in court of law as it’s the humans who insert all the algorithms in machine system and thus human error is possible.

However, AI can be used in courts on daily basis to assist judges and lawyers on document management, to identify habitual offenders, repetition of suits on same ground between same parties so that courts useful time can be saved. A judge is regarded as God or higher decisive authority for a reason and that cannot be replaced by Artificial Intelligence.

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Now that the countries have started relaxing lockdown rules amid corona virus scare that put almost entire earth in lockdown mode and confine people to their homes for more than two months, the countries have started opening up their economy gradually which is at the verge of underperforming or even critical. According to various economists and financial experts, almost all the countries will likely to see shrink in their GDP and economic performance on global level. So what is the solution for better job boosting economy?

The simple answer is ‘GREEN ECONOMY’, one which is being continuously put forward by various economists and world environmentalists as the only solution to conserve non- renewable resources present on earth while also ensuring that economy achieves its maximum objectives. Especially now in times of world crisis, countries have a chance to introduce green economy policies including green economic infrastructure. There is no general definition except one which is provided by United Nations Environment Programme. It defines “Green Economy” as an economy that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. There are numerous benefits of implementing green economy like:-

  1. Upon implementation of green economic recovery policies, there will be drastic reduction in pollution which has been primary cause of more than 7 million deaths around the world annually.
  2. It will certainly bring climate threat under control which many countries have started facing with abnormal weather conditions, large scale bushfires, global snow melting, rise of sea level on earth, shrinking of water resources, deforestation etc.
  3. Investing hugely on renewable resources like wind energy, solar energy etc. will put less risk on earth limited non-renewable resources hence conservation of it for future generation will be beneficial and this pandemic situation in our only chance before things go out of our hands for worst.
  4. It will result in creating jobs especially in energy sector and nature based sectors. Recently, Adani Green group won prestigious $6 Billion solar power plants project in India which will likely to create 4 lakh jobs over the span of five years.

This is the first time when not only environmentalist are urging governments to introduce green economy recovery path, but also similar sentiments is being echoed by world investors, financial institutions, business leaders, job creators . On World Environment Day, global institutions working on developing labour and environment have united around key actions for spurring a green, just and transformative recovery.[1] They have identified ten policy options that will guide towards green recovery:-

  1. The green economy principles of well- being, justice, sufficiency, efficiency,
  2. Advance green deals, economy plans, industrial strategies to built long  term prosperity
  3. Financial stimulus package must be structured in a way that it will accelerate towards green economy
  4. Recognize the role of nature in reducing systematic risk
  5. Invest in sustainable infrastructure and stronger environmental protection.
  6. Strengthen and broaden inclusive social protection mechanisms
  7. Accelerate energy transition and tackle fossil fuel subsidy
  8. Apply gender responsive approach
  9. Give priority to small and informal enterprise to accelerate the power sector
  10. Improve global cooperation and coordination to effectively respond to pandemic crisis.

However, in immediate run, the governments are not reluctant to formulate and execute green policies because their focus is on creating better facilities and resources in health sector, attract investments to ease the burden of debt, job creation.

The ball is now in governments hands as to how fast and effectively they introduce green policies which are the need of the hour. The sooner they introduce policies be it of corporate, industrial or investment nature that also promotes and protects nature, the sooner the state will be on the path of  eco-sustainability and hence will be in a position to avoid any future pandemic. UK, The European Union and Australia are the ones that are racing ahead in executing green economic policies while countries like USA, India and China have yet to act prudently. This is our only chance to act in sync with nature before another pandemic like situation hits us.

[1] <>



It became eighth nation to declare itself free of any active coronavirus case? So what it did successfully that many developed nations could not?

On Sunday at a news briefing in New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinda Arden declared that New Zealand has successfully eliminated transmission of novel COVID19 and is ready to open its economy and day to day life without any restrictions. This wonderful news came at a time when still more than half of the world is still grappling with active cases of this pandemic disease including in nations like USA,UK, India, China, UAE etc. So what a small nation like New Zealand did which even giant economies could not able to do to contain this virus disease?

New Zealand is a country of Five million people. Although population is not large as to other countries including Australia yet the course of action its health ministry did is definitely commendable. It pursued an ‘Elimination Strategy’ to beat deadly coronavirus which means it eliminated ‘chains of transmission’ of virus among people successfully for 28 days since June 15.

Health experts are of the view that due to its isolated location in the South- Pacific region, New Zealand had ample amount of time to notice the outbreak of this disease in other countries and for seven weeks, it went on complete lockdown with movements allowed only for essential workers. During seven week lockdown there was no news of people violating any government restrictions that were put in place. All these factors successfully averted any chain reaction of virus among its people. Due to strict government action and active participation by its citizens, only 1500 people contracted the virus including 22 death.

However, New Zealand Prime Minister took note of the situation that from Tuesday all restrictions will be lifted except border closure restriction and that there is a possibility that incoming cases of coronavirus may be found in people entering into New Zealand via airways.

New Zealand became eighth country to join exclusive group of nations successfully ending active COVID19 cases according to Johns Hopkins University. Besides New Zealand, Montenegro, Eritrea, Papua New Guinea, Seychelles, Holy See, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Fiji, East Timor have either have successfully eliminated any active cases.

Developed and Developing economies must consider the policies adopted by these nations’s government in containing growing active cases in their countries and must implement it in their policies. These 8 countries can now look forward to accelerate their economy without any restriction and loss of life due to coronavirus whereas other nations who have lifted restrictions partially or completely are still at huge risk of losing lives and more spread of this pandemic disease.

“It’s time for big nation to learn from so called small nations”



Multi- Level Marketing (MLM) is a form of direct sales home business in which independent representative sell products or services from a company to an end consumer. It is called as multi-level because representative’s of company recruits new representatives and train them to start their own business and earn commission on selling company’s products. A simple example is that of Amway which is an American multi-level marketing company deals with health, beauty and home care products since its establishment in 1959. At present it is one of the most trusted global MLM brand all over the world. It is after Amway’s success that led the foundation of lakhs of other multi-level marketing companies like Avon, Harbalife, Vorwerk, Infinitus, Mary Kay, Natura, Perfect whose annual revenue is in billion dollars.

Through MLM not only company earn profit but also representatives or distributors that earn commission and in some case a portion of company’s profit as there are certain companies who during the end of financial year and based on business volume of representatives gives a percentage of profits.

During and Aftermath of COVD-19 because in many parts of the world, this virus disease is still spreading and because of lockdown, the world is facing its worst recession and its not just only third world that is worst hit due to pandemic, it is also developed economies like USA, China and also developing economies like India, Brazil. There is job crisis as companies who are facing financial loss are laying off its employees even after strict intervention and policy declared by government to not terminate anyone’s employments and wages. So now with so much uncertainty, how to look ahead with hope to earn bread and butter?

This is where MLM stands out. I am talking in Indian context where this is the time when the government has urged people to ‘Go Desi’ i.e. buy ‘Made in India’ product. There are so many MLM companies in India where anyone can join it as representative at much less joining fee, buy minimum products or whatever amount he/she wants to spend on at lower cost than MRP cost, distribute to people he/she thinks are willing to invest in the products he is offering and also add him to company’s representative list.

There is one basic different between buying products in retail store of multi-national companies and buying products of MLM companies. If u buy product of any multi-national product or local product from shopkeeper or retail store, you only get product in return of money you spend on a particular but in latter case, if you buy product from MLM company, firstly, you are buying after joining as representative/distributor at very less registration fee and buying products at much lower rate than its original market rate and you are earning a  portion from that MRP to your pocket. Besides this, distributors also earn money in form of leadership bonus, pool income, royalty bonus, technical bonus etc. Also on every subsequent addition of new representative/distributor, you are able to earn commission and whatever they buy, a portion of that also give in your pockets. It is great source of earning income. In this digital world, you don’t have to meet potential representatives face to face or you don’t have to knock door-to-door. You can explain your product plan online also.

Right now, when unemployment rate is going high, MLM companies are giving a ray of hope to people who have potential to earn profitable income and it is better to earn money from multiple sources rather than one. I am no market specialist but it is my opinion there is great deal of earning chances in MLM. Some of famous Indian multi-level marketing companies are:-

  1. Vestige
  2. OriFlame
  3. Modicare
  4. Mi Lifestyle
  5. RCM
  6. Avon
  7. Alex
  8. Future Maker Care Pvt. Ltd.

The employment prospect is wide in multi-level marketing companies and is also great opportunity to buy and sell locally manufactured products. This way you are not doing good for your country but for you and your family.

Weekly Inspiration

As you start your new week with new hopes and dreams, allow me to share some inspirational words by famous American Pastor and televangelist, Joel Osteen. Some of us are in good place in our life, well settled, leading and excellent family life while some of us are still chasing our dreams in the hope of and with the belief that we are going to be successful hopefully soon and will live a prosperous life. So as you move forward in life with new week full of oppurtunities and events, keep in mind that no matter what life offers you- Good or Bad, Happy or sad, Peace or difficulty and no matter how much challenges you have to face to live the life you want to live, REMEMBER, “YOU WILL THRIVE IN SPITE OF IT”.

And as i conclude writing this post, let me be honest, i am feeling good, inspired and confident that i am going to achieve my dreams soon….

USA’s withdrawal from WHO and impact on rest of the world

On Friday, US President Donald Trump announced that he is terminating US membership in World Health Organisation as he was not satisfied with the way this international organisation is handling China’s response to Coronavirus. In a press briefing he reiterated his commitment “ to withdraw financial contribution to WHO and redirect that funds to other urgent global public health needs”. 

The USA is major financial contributor to WHO providing almost $450 million a year followed by China who contributed almost one-third to what America contributes and this may be one of the reason why Trump took such stern action against WHO for not taking any significant step towards China to address the ongoing pandemic situation. USA till now lost more than one lakh citizens due to COVID19 and the overall global death figure is even worse. Entire world has to come up a with a vaccine to counter this virus disease. Many fear that even though some countries are successful in flattening curve of infected cases, yet the worst isn’t over and it may very well play havoc with change in climate conditions. Countries like USA, UK, India etc. haven’t seen peak in number of cases even though number of infected people are increasing day by day. Another factor which could have played significant role in Trump’s decision is economic recession the world is facing include USA too who has to shut off its manufacturing and other economic activities for almost two months while during that time, China started its business and production sector at fast pace. So it comes natural that Trump has justified his reason of holding its fund to WHO and accusing of biased response towards China.

 Some political pundits and health experts views Trump’s decision as short-sighted and one which would eventually put US citizens health at risk. Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., Chairman of the Senate Health , Education, Labor and Pensions Committee expressed his opinion in a statement that ‘Withdrawing U.S. membership could interfere with clinical trials that are essential to the development of vaccines which US citizens and others in the world needs’[1].

European Union and many Asian countries have urged President Trump to reconsider his decision of withdrawal of US membership from WHO as it was the USA who was the founding member of WHO and such decision will deeply affect economic contribution, research and development in global health sector. Whatever the future holds, it is too early to say anything on how USA’s withdrawal from WHO is going to affect global health services. But one thing can be said for sure is that the objective of Trump’s decision to pressurize China in taking responsibility for this pandemic situation is not going to bear any result and with such withdrawal USA has given golden platter to China to play dominant role with WHO member states.


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