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Multi- Level Marketing (MLM) is a form of direct sales home business in which independent representative sell products or services from a company to an end consumer. It is called as multi-level because representative’s of company recruits new representatives and train them to start their own business and earn commission on selling company’s products. A simple example is that of Amway which is an American multi-level marketing company deals with health, beauty and home care products since its establishment in 1959. At present it is one of the most trusted global MLM brand all over the world. It is after Amway’s success that led the foundation of lakhs of other multi-level marketing companies like Avon, Harbalife, Vorwerk, Infinitus, Mary Kay, Natura, Perfect whose annual revenue is in billion dollars.

Through MLM not only company earn profit but also representatives or distributors that earn commission and in some case a portion of company’s profit as there are certain companies who during the end of financial year and based on business volume of representatives gives a percentage of profits.

During and Aftermath of COVD-19 because in many parts of the world, this virus disease is still spreading and because of lockdown, the world is facing its worst recession and its not just only third world that is worst hit due to pandemic, it is also developed economies like USA, China and also developing economies like India, Brazil. There is job crisis as companies who are facing financial loss are laying off its employees even after strict intervention and policy declared by government to not terminate anyone’s employments and wages. So now with so much uncertainty, how to look ahead with hope to earn bread and butter?

This is where MLM stands out. I am talking in Indian context where this is the time when the government has urged people to ‘Go Desi’ i.e. buy ‘Made in India’ product. There are so many MLM companies in India where anyone can join it as representative at much less joining fee, buy minimum products or whatever amount he/she wants to spend on at lower cost than MRP cost, distribute to people he/she thinks are willing to invest in the products he is offering and also add him to company’s representative list.

There is one basic different between buying products in retail store of multi-national companies and buying products of MLM companies. If u buy product of any multi-national product or local product from shopkeeper or retail store, you only get product in return of money you spend on a particular but in latter case, if you buy product from MLM company, firstly, you are buying after joining as representative/distributor at very less registration fee and buying products at much lower rate than its original market rate and you are earning a  portion from that MRP to your pocket. Besides this, distributors also earn money in form of leadership bonus, pool income, royalty bonus, technical bonus etc. Also on every subsequent addition of new representative/distributor, you are able to earn commission and whatever they buy, a portion of that also give in your pockets. It is great source of earning income. In this digital world, you don’t have to meet potential representatives face to face or you don’t have to knock door-to-door. You can explain your product plan online also.

Right now, when unemployment rate is going high, MLM companies are giving a ray of hope to people who have potential to earn profitable income and it is better to earn money from multiple sources rather than one. I am no market specialist but it is my opinion there is great deal of earning chances in MLM. Some of famous Indian multi-level marketing companies are:-

  1. Vestige
  2. OriFlame
  3. Modicare
  4. Mi Lifestyle
  5. RCM
  6. Avon
  7. Alex
  8. Future Maker Care Pvt. Ltd.

The employment prospect is wide in multi-level marketing companies and is also great opportunity to buy and sell locally manufactured products. This way you are not doing good for your country but for you and your family.

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