Everyone is ‘racist’

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All eyes are on USA right now and it is not just because of its planned crewed mission to International Space Station in nearly a decade, but for a different reason and its not a positive one. In the past 3 months, violence on black population has increased so much so that everyday social media site is full of news on death or grave injury being inflicted on people of color. Just last to last week, it was Ahmad Aubrey who was murdered brutally in broad daylight by armed white father-son duo and two days back, it was George Floyd who was unarmed and was violently tackled by four Minneapolis cop, one of whom held a knee to his neck. Anyone who saw the two viral videos of the killing of these two man would definately be shocked and cry to see the extent of racism exist in American society. USA was once a ‘Dreamland’ for any passionate non-USA dreamer who wants to pursue his dream but whatever is happening in America is creating doubts on prospective dreamer. As non-USA citizen, i know USA is my dream country to live in but considering recent events and as person of color, it creates doubt in my mind whether i truly want to live in an environment where there are no equal rights among white and person of color, where they are dealt differently by not just criminal system but in day to day life.

Truth is its not just USA who is a victim of racism but as human being we are all little bit racist whether based on color, caste, community, religion or economic status to name a few. In India too, one can notice difference in attitude of people with regard to economic status when dealing with stranger or people they know. There are few places in India where even after more than 70 years of Independence and progression of society, some people still differentiate with each other on basis of caste and religion. So to blame USA for racism would be wrong.

What we need is not just white people taking responsibility of racist blunder they have created and to make them realize that equal treatment must be given to non- white person. It should be more than that. We need to acknowledge that we all are ‘Human First’, that we are equal and deserve same treatment and behavior towards our self and towards other person. We have human life, then why waste on creating hindrance for each other, hate for each other when we can all thrive equally.

Racism needs to be ended from our mind now, from our thoughts if we truly want to live a peaceful life.

DISCLAIMER- Views expressed by author is entirely her own and is not intended to hurt anyone by any means.

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    1. Yes, we can’t blame one section of society of being racist. We as humans differentiate with each other at some point of time, life not daily. And we are racist, we need to accept this and improve to treat everyone equally.

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