Huge day for Space X


May 27th, 2020 is day of another history making at least when it comes events in outer space. Space X, one of the most profitable space company on earth collaborated in 2015 with NASA to launch two astronauts on Spacecraft designed and built by Space X known as Dragon 2. This spacecraft was in development since 2010 but was publicly revealed in 2013. Elon Musk promised from the start that Crew Dragon will be developed and assembled keeping in mind with most advanced technology.

It is truly 21st century spacecraft as inside the cockpit, all the switches, knobs and dials are all touchscreens according to Space X’s Director of crew mission management, Mr. Benji Reed. This Crew Dragon is a crewed spacecraft designed to fly astronauts to International Space Station . It is also different from other Space X’s spacecraft like Cargo Dragon as Crew Dragon has an emergency abort system designed to separate capsule from its rocket in the event of any launch emergency.

Today will be Space X’s first crewed space mission in history of outer space and private space company. It is also a historic moment for NASA and USA as almost after a decade, a crewed space mission will be launched to space from American soil.

UPDATE-: Launch is delayed due to bad weather. Next attempt by NASA and Space X to launch astronauts to International Space Station will be done on May 30th. Space X created history with the successful launch of Crew Dragon carrying two astronauts to International Space Station. With this launch, Space X became First private company to launch crewed mission to outer space and with this, the prospect of space tourism has come into fruition.



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  1. It was disappointing for it to be scrubbed, but with the weather, I wasn’t surprised. I live where I can see the launches and was looking forward to watching. Interesting article, thank you for sharing.

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