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Today is Earth Day and we are celebrating its 50th birthday officially although our earth is billion years old. In 1969 at UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, peace activist John McConnell proposed the idea to honor the earth and celebrate March 2, 1970 as Earth Day. A month later, a US Senator Garylord Nelson proposed the idea to hold nationwide teach-in on April 22, 1970 and was joined by activist Denis Hayes who later on received the honorary Presidential Medal of Freedom Award. In 1990, he took this event internationally and organized it in 141 countries. Every year, to honor Mother Earth, people around the world switch off their lights to show their respect towards Earth.

2020 started off on a different note. Human race is facing its dark moments, much worse than two World Wars. We are in middle of survival mode by confining at home since last week of March and one month later, still at home. But this pandemic situation also giving us chance to right all the wrongs our generation has done wrong in the past. Amid all the thirst to acquire natural resources to live materialistic life, we forgot that there is only one earth, one life and resources are limited. Today as we celebrate our Earth, let us pledge to ourselves to be more sensitive towards our mother earth from the moment our life becomes normal, lets follow a lifestyle that is in sync with ecology and climate. Let’s pledge to plant at least one tree in front of our home or neighborhood. We are 7.8 Billion people, even if one person plants a single tree and water it regularly, it is enough to make earth green and clean and breathable. Also it is high time we conserve limited water bodies and resources.

Earlier, I was a person who doesn’t favor planting many plants at home due to limited space but I am in favor of planting a single tree every year because I have realized the importance of being surrounded by trees and how it is very important for good mental health.

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